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Package Design

Package Design


Good clothes open all doors!


The first thing a buyer notices when getting acquainted with a brand or trademark is a package. The packaging design must be thoughtful, attract attention, and stimulate the buyer to take further steps such as selection and purchase. It takes the buyer about 10 seconds to evaluate and make a decision, and it is the package design that is the key factor in this process.

Package design is the main channel of communication between the customer and the manufacturer. In an era of intense competition, it’s not enough just to produce a quality product. It is for this purpose that the original package designs are being developed. The package design can have a striking effect on the consumer’s attitude not only to the specific brand presented but also to the manufacturing company.

Well-designed packages help increase sales

When developing a package design, many factors that help attract customer attention to the product are taken into account: an interesting form of the package, color score, design packaging elements that are easy to remember, presentation of the image of a brand based on corporate identity, etc.

Today, companies for which the development of the package design is an important stage of a promotion strategy are becoming leaders in a niche or even an industry. A quality package can transform into an effective sales channel. And this, in turn, is a direct way to increase sales.

Our unique, aesthetic, and beautiful web design packages are a chance for a brand:

  • to concentrate the attention of the target audience on its product;
  • to highlight its product on a shelf in the trading floor among similar products of competitors;
  • to convey to the customer the main message of the brand;
  • to lead the customer to a decision to purchase.

Why choose Artboxdigital?

The package design is one of the priority areas of our company. Artboxdigital has been working for many years in this field! During this time, we have learned to subtly take into account the characteristics of the product, the competitive environment, and the preferences and expectations of your customers. As well, we gained a lot of experience and successfully implemented projects for both Ukrainian and foreign customers. The goods provided with our products become much more competitive and have a presentable appearance. You can see our works in our portfolio.

When developing orders, our team of packaging designers is driven by the important principles of marketing, so our package is:

  • Functional, that is, it protects the contents within itself from damage and other influences.
  • Conceptual, as it corresponds to the customer’s corporate identity.
  • Aesthetic, as it is pleasant to look at the product and hold it in hands.
  • It has emotional coloring, as shades and colors causing positive feelings are applied.
  • Adds value to products because they reveal the unique characteristics of the goods.

Artboxdigital studio is a team of professionals who love their job. Our packaging designer

will not just give you the layouts but will offer full project support from the very sketch to the final completion and implementation of the order. We will qualitatively develop a unique package design for any goods on time and according to your wishes and requirements.

To order the original package design from Artboxdigital company means to reach a qualitatively new level of sales, attract a larger consumer circle, and, as a result, make your business more profitable. We create attractive and functional packages that people don’t want to let get out of their hands.

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